Art Life in Florida

Throughout the years, artists have fluctuated when it comes to pay and their "day jobs". However, through the economic recession of 2008, artists experienced a huge change in the amount of them that were employed in Florida. In the graph below, we see the artistic industries that had the largest amount of change through the recession. The percent changed represents the number of artists who either changed careers, stopped working, or lost work as a result of the economic recession. 

Percent change of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

Page Title
Percent change
Coaches and Scouts(272022)34.7
Reporters and Correspondents(273022)25.1
Athletes and Sports Competitors(272021)20.4
Broadcast News Analysts(273021)18.8
Producers and Directors(272012)17.6
Entertainers and Performers Sports and Related Workers All Other(272099)16.2
Musicians and Singers(272042)15.5
Music Directors and Composers(272041)15.5
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians(274011)13.6
Interpreters and Translators(273091)13.5
Media and Communication Workers All Other(273099)13.4
Film and Video Editors(274032)12.5
Media and Communication Equipment Workers All Other(274099)12.5
Writers and Authors(273043)12.5
Camera Operators Television Video and Motion Picture(274031)12.5
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations(270000)12.3
Art Directors(271011)11.6
Technical Writers(273042)11.6
Umpires Referees and Other Sports Officials(272023)6.4
Public Relations Specialists(273031)6.3
Public Address System and Other Announcers(273012)5.2
Radio and Television Announcers(273011)5.2
Floral Designers(271023)2.9
Commercial and Industrial Designers(271021)2.0
Fashion Designers(271022)2.0
Fine Artists Including Painters Sculptors and Illustrators(271013)0.5
Craft Artists(271012)0.5
Set and Exhibit Designers(271027)-0.5
Designers All Other(271029)-0.5
Multimedia Artists and Animators(271014)-2.6
Artists and Related Workers All Other(271019)-5.0
Graphic Designers(271024)-5.4
Sound Engineering Technicians(274014)-11.9
Broadcast Technicians(274012)-11.9
Interior Designers(271025)-12.2
Merchandise Displayers and Window Trimmers(271026)-19.0

The types of artists in Florida vary. Not all artists are painters, and not all artists are what you might consider an artists. For example, broadcast technicians fall into the category of artist, but you might not traditionally consider them to be an artist. The graph below breaks down the most popular and major employment types for artists in Florida. 

Percent of occupation of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

Starving artists aren't typically thought of as making much money, which seems to be the case. Employment rates are low (unless you are a multi-media artist) and the pay can range from $8 an hour to $20 an hour with everything in between. 

Employment and Hourly mean wage of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

When it comes to finding out how many people are employed in each industry of art, and what percentage that specific industry takes up, the following chart sums it up. 

Percent of industry and Employment of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

After the economic recession, it can be tough to know where the future of art and artists lie, but after the steady decline of the artistic industry there is finally an uptick predicted to come by 2020. It may be slight, but the future is starting to looks less bleak for artists. 

Percent of industry and Percent change of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

The annual mean wage and median wage for artists seems to be fairly average across the board. No matter what your field, it would appear that the beginners make the least. 

Annual mean wage(2) and Annual median wage(2) of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

Although the artistic industry is predicted to grow by 2020, the actual number of employed artists is still very low in the state of Florida. Fewer than 20,000 artists total are employed, making up one of the smallest job sectors in the state. 

Percent of industry and Employment change of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

Employment per 1,000 jobs of Occupation (SOC code) datacards

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